How many of us can say that we truly know ourselves? Know anyone else? Know anything even?

Whatever. I’m using this page as my own little internet tiny-house, to practice my writing, which is sadly fallen by the wayside recently. So here we are.

About me: I’m from Dolly Parton’s hometown (we have a statue on the courthouse lawn!), and I always wanted to get away until I did. Through fits and starts I’ve arrived in Baton Rouge, and I miss the mountains (though, surprisingly, I don’t mind the heat). I get paid to read books to children. I’m happy with that.

I’m also the progenitor / sole remaining member (as far as I know) of Loose Poops, an art collective. JOIN US for funzos, if you want.


This site is generated on Github pages using Jekyll. The color theme is based loosely off of the acme editor’s. The font that I see (because I have it installed) is CMU Typewriter Text Variable Width, which is bundled with TeX,1 but you probably see Georgia or some serif font, because I’m lazy and don’t want to bother embedding the fonts. I compose my posts in Vim installed on a laptop powered by Gentoo. I use the awesome window manager if you care about that. I’m trying as well as I can to use free software where possible. I should probably write a post about my ideas around intellectual property, etc., but for now, I’m just living them.

  1. I think, anyway. I don’t know; I have the font installed and I know that the CMU fonts have come from TeX in other distros I’ve used. I’m pretty sure that if you follow TeX you’ll get the font, if you’re looking for it; at any rate TeX is great software so there’s that.